Thursday, May 28, 2009


Note: That is not pee underneath him!

If you are a follower of my man blogger brother Ron/Kim. Then you will understand the above photo of my nephew Luke showing us his favorite side!
Not to mention the note that I found the other day when I was cleaning behind the toy box. I know the visit was a while ago, but the back side of the toy box only gets cleaned every so often. It is to heavy! He and Marcos kept on writing these notes to Riley and of course, Riley and I would have to retaliate. I personally like how he signed Mom and Dad at the end of it!

Ron and I decided that Luke is one funny kid!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our Visitors from Vegas.... Darren, Missy, and the Kids!

My brothers are blog dorks. Darren is a closet blog dork, and Ron/Kim the man know where I am going with that one!
This is Darren posing outside with the girls after he got his butt handed to him in 2 games of darts! We had to pick flowers for Marcos' teacher appreciation week. Riley and Chloe wanted the left over ones for Riley's teacher.

Chloe actually smiled for a picture!

Isaiah pushing the Grave Digger truck at the "tree climbing park."

Coco crawling around at tree climbing park. I love this picture of him. After they went home, the next couple of days Isaiah would walk around saying, " Coco... Where are you?!"

All the babies Daddies! Pushin' there babies.

Missy and Coco the day after the half marathon.

Luke and Marc doing exactly what the sign on the left is telling them they should NOT be doing! We are Mecham's and rules are made to be broken!;)
Isaiah and Chloe on the tire swing. Isaiah really liked Chloe as well.
Princess Riley having the time of her life on the swing it appears!
I love when we have family out. It is crazy, but tons of fun! I enjoyed having them at my house every second, and I want them to come back soon! We ate a lot of yuumy food, stayed up and watched Pretty woman, and Chelsey Lately every night.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dodger game for my Birthday

We sat next to the bull-pin again.
We were right by Manny in the outfield. He kept looking over in our direction. I think he might have recognized me from somewhere! ;)
Before I start my story I just wanted to let everyone know that poor Manny has been suspended for 50 games starting tonight. Apparently he was tested and had preformance enhancing drugs in his system. I know this is a big shock to everyone in baseball and out of baseball. Jose Conseco, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa are all very disappointed in him and just don't understand why he would do such a thing to his body! hee hee.
They say he will lose 8 million from his contract of $40.82 million. I wonder how this man is going to eat for the next 50 games? Poor Manny!
On with the story......
Mando and I went to the Dodger game the Saturday after my birthday. I love to go too the baseball games. They are relaxing and have such a fun atmosphere! Nothing spectacular happened that game, except for the lame guy who ruined the game for me. He proposed to his girlfriend in the 7th inning stretch. They had them up on big screen and everything. Turns out, they were just a couple of isles over from us. So I decided to throw popcorn at them! Okay so I didn't really but it would have made me feel better. I think it might have been more jealousy on my part then lame on his! But who cares, this is my story, so it was lame! I had a great time just hanging out with Mando and enjoying the weekend. We don't get away that often together, so it was nice to be able too do so.
The kids had spent the night in Riverside with thier grandparents Friday night to Sunday night. I missed them a ton, but the break was wonderful and SOOOOO needed. The joke of the weekend was that we are getting old. Mando kept saying "you know we're getting older when we don't have kids on a weekend and are asleep by 10:00!"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Angel's vs. Tiger's

The family and I went to the Angel's game with Mando's older brother Mario and his girlfriend Tiffany. It was fan night, so they were giving away Angel's beenies at the door. We had a lot of fun with a ton of junk food as well!

During the game, one of the fans jumped onto the field and made it all the way across! Yes, he was fully clothed! He was weaving in and out of the police on the field, no one could catch this man. He got all the way over to the other side where he thought it would be clear sailing to hop back up the wall and make his escape. Then he noticed the 20 other police man running in his direction. So, that left one thing for him to do.... turn it into a show. This guy ran back to the original place he had jumped down from. Security was all over the field chasing him in circles. Finally one of the officers grabbed the hood of his jacket, but this would not stop him! He turned left, then right, then left again, and like Houdini he was free. He jumped the wall back into the crowd and then met his doom! He was captured and taken to jail.
Isaiah was tired and cranky after the secnd inning. He finally fell asleep in the seventh and we left in the eighth! All in all it was a good time, and we love hanging out with family!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Since my brother Ron likes Bri better and did a blog about her on her birthday! I thought I would do one for myself!...

( Thanks Missy, for all you kind words for my birthday blog)
Today was awesome, everyone in my family except for Doug and Brett called me to wish me a happy birthday! That never happens. I felt sooo spoiled!

When we woke up that morning, the boys wanted me to open my gift. They got me a new camera! I really love it! I have had a little bit of camera trouble the past couple of months. First I vacumed up the UB cord to download all my pictures, and then the night before Easter, my camera made a bunch of wierd noises and wouldn't turn on! I was so bummed, so we didn't get any Easter pictures!
So .... after I opened my camera they built themselves a fort. When I said that I wanted to take a picture they jumped out of the middle and Isaiah said"CHEESE"! He loves to take pictures!

It was Marcos' spring break, so I wanted to go and have fun with them on my Birthday, so we went to Jumpin' and Jammin'! This was Isaiah's first time going and really being able to play. They loved going there.

When we got there, it was sooo loud. Kids running around screaming and crying. Isaiah didn't care, he slept better there then when he is at home in peace and quiet! Strange.
It gave me and Marcos a while to play chase and a few other games together. We don't get that time to often, but when we do I really enjoy it!
When Isaiah woke up he was confused, but shortly after he realized how much fun he was goig to have!

He was afraid to walk across this bridge the first time in fear of falling. But eventually he got a little more comfortable.

Marcos found the keyboard section and stayed there and jammed a while. He had it on automatic play so he thought he was the best! He really got into it. I sat back and watched him from across the room. When he got to a really fast part of the song, his little leg whould turn, and press down hard like he was truely rockin' out!

This is Isaiah in the boucey house. He cracked me up! He would start wanted to make sure he had my full attention. He would yell "MOM...WATCH!" Then he would take one last huge jump in air and fall onto his butt! I love his big smile, it melts my heart.

This is the game floor that they have there. You can play dodgeball, the giant piano, or other games. My kids chose to use it as a giant dance floor!

Me and the kids getting ready for bed.
I really loved spending the day with the boys just having fun! My family is the most important thing in the world too me. I love seeing them smile and laugh! They make me so happy and make all the bad days feel better! I love you boys, thanks for making my birthday the best!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Break at the L.A. Zoo

Antonio, Marcos, Isaiah, and Mari, at the L.a zoo.

I like this picture.

My little baby is growing up!

Marcos and Antonio looking at the snow tigers.
They had so many giraffe's. I don't know why they had all the baby giraffe's except for the youngest seperated from the rest of the herd.
This gorilla was huge! He came up to the window and picked little pieces of nuts and berries! It was so cool! Isaiah was facinated and making monkey noises! Marcos and Antonio were going nuts!
Are zebra's black with white stripes? Or .. White with black stripes?
We sat at the Tiger's cave forever. It was sitting under the tree, and all the sudden it got up and started roaring and pacing back and forth. I thought for sure it was going to jump up and grab someone to eat!

They had these cool little look out bubbles to watch the cute little critters eat!

Marcos' Field Trip to Home Depot. They learned about wood in their Wood Science Unit at school.

Marcos and his buddy Luke. They like to play Lego Star Wars together.
Funny story... Luke came to play for the first time and wanted to play one of Marcos' games. I said that was fine but any messes that they make, they would have to clean up. Luke put it back and said " never mind I don't like to clean up!"

Marcos' class listening to a lecture on different types of tree wood, and how you tell how old a piece of wood is. At the end the man asked questions about what he had just gone over, if they answered right, or were good listeners they got a piece of candy! Wood is really not an entertaining lecture for the poor Kindergarteners!

Next the appliance section. The guy was telling them about all the diffrent things they can put in there homes. When he got to the tub section he asked the kids what this was. Answer: a TUB! Man: What else can this be used for. LITTLE GIRL : It's a spucuzzi! MAN: Your right and they are very affordable, so tell your parents to come on down here to Home Depot and we will help them get one! I don't know what economy this guy is living in, but apparently if you work at Home Depot right now, you are RICH!

Marcos and his iend Haylee, she helped her mom make bread one day and asked if she could please bring Marcos a loaf. It was sooo delicious!

Diane, Marcos, and Jasmine. Diane was in our group for the tour. She is from Korea and speaks very little English. At the beginning of the year she spoke only Korean. She has come a long way. I think it must be hard and frustrating and confusing for these kids not to know the language. Jasimine is Marcos' very good friend. Her mom is Japanesse and her father is Phillipino. She always has a smile on her face!
Marcos and his best friend Antonio having a snack at Castle Park. Antonio is in the morning class and Marcos is in the afternoon. They have class on Wedsday's together for one hour. I feel bad for there teacher!

Peyton and Marcos. Peyton is a twin, her sister Riley and her look identical. They came over and played once. Who knew little girls ate so much! I thought it was the boys who could eat! They remind me of Melinda and I growing up. Always trying to hang out with the boys and beating them at most of the games that we played!
I haven't been able to help in the classroom this year, because of Isaiah. I don't have anyone to watch him, and even if I did I don't think he would stay! Mando's mom retired 2 weeks ago. She came out to watch Isaiah for me, so
I was able to go on the field trip. I missed being able to help, and see Marcos around different groups of kids! He is so funny and smart!
p.s. I don't know if it is at every Home Depot, but I heard that the first Saturday of every month, they do a free craft. You may want to call first and ask!